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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Welcome 2014!

I have two New Year's resolutions!  1. To be a better wife and 2.  Update the blog and keep it updated!  I have a new iPad so that should help (with blogging) not the wife part;).   I blog because it is a memory keeper for myself.  It is more like a digital memory book.

 2013 was not the worst year, but we are definitely looking forward to 2014.  It is going to be a great year!

A lot has happened since August:). School is going great for me!  I adore my kids, their parents and the people I work with!

Declan is doing great in pre-k.  He absolutely loves it!  He is very active and impulsive, but extremely smart!  He is listening a lot better at home too.  I could only have asked for a better teacher for him.  She is phenomenal and adores him!  I'm very grateful to her!  As long as Declan loves to go to school and learning we are good!  He is a little sponge!

Mead is 18 months old now!  He is so freaking smart and with it.  I'm amazed at what smart boys we have.  Mead helps around the house and is already using two to three word sentences.  He is very independent and watches everything his big brother does...good and bad.  He has even started using the potty!

They both try my patience and are busier than ever, but I could not love these boys anymore!!!

Jason is great.  Still working very hard as usual.  I'm excited to see what 2014 holds for him.  He has some "irons in the fire," so to speak... and I think this will be his year.  He deserves it!

Here are a few recent pictures!  We hope everyone has a happy new year!!!  Here's to 2014!!!

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